Season 4 Episode 4: Aunt Sidisi works at the spider farm

A podcast where Big Mike and J-Rock try to master commander, 3 cards at a time. 

Welcome back one and all to Master and Commander. We have a treat for you today as we look at our first engine deck! This deck abuses our three randomly selected 2dh cards to create quite a few creepy crawly problems for our opponents! Curse of the Bloody Tome will give us plenty of mill, Runic Repetition will make sure our flashback cards can come home safely, and finally Anavolver finds himself amidst a big ol’ demon in a strange combo setup just in case 😀 Just looking through the deck wont give you the full story so come and check out the podcast to find out just how we make these three random cards shine!

Download the mp3 of this week’s episode.

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Deck list

Segment One: Deck Overview

This Week’s Featured Cards

Segment Two: Deck Themes

Segment Three: Top Picks 

Segment Four: Contested Cards!

57% Competitive… :c

Deck Price:



Segment Five: J-Rocks Angry time

Jacob: Give me the “Tuck” rule back Wizards!

  • Derevi
  • Talrand
  • Krenko

Segment Six: Spin the Randomator

Thanks for listening in, and remember to join us next week as we try and master Commander three cards at a time!

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