End of season 4 update.

Whats up people? Just want to give everyone a bit of an update about some of the changes we are making around here. We just finished the recording of this seasons 4 man brawl and we have an exciting development; We have decided that the winner of the brawl will continue on to battle again next season. The winner will have to defend himself against a whole crop of new decks!

Now with that being the case, we will only be making 3 decks this season and we will be doing a 4th episode to talk about M20 and the cards from it that you might want to pick up for your budget decks. This is how we are going to move forward for the next few seasons. Everything else will be business as usual.

We have started building season 5’s first deck and it looks like its going to be an interesting one. I picked up a couple new cards specifically for this bad boy so I hope you like it.

The video should be up just as soon as Shane is done his video magic and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.

One last thing, we will be having a small contest for a terrible prize next season. Stay tuned for for more details on that.

Thats about it folks, talk to you soon

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