Season 3 Video Finale Let the bloodshed begin! The season 3 Battle of the Budgets is here! Nick sat this one out after a night of debauchery so we have a new player, please welcome Alex who is rocking the Jhoira Dragons Deck featuring Razor boomerang, Chisei Heart of Oceans and Hivis of the Scale. Schnitzel Shane is … Continue reading Season 3 Video Finale


Season 4 Episode 1: Super Secret Slow Roller.

A podcast where Big Mike and J-Rock try to master commander, 3 cards at a time.  Ramp Ramp Ramp. Man I hate ramp. Cultivate. That card can eat shit. This deck is the antithesis of ramp. I call it the Slow Roller Secret Deck because, a lot like the grass in my backyard, I am … Continue reading Season 4 Episode 1: Super Secret Slow Roller.